141 000, село Успенка, ул. Геринга, 17
141,000, Uspenka village, st. Goering, 17
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Nurgalieva Aygul Janbırbaevna

Цитаты великих людей

Терең білім – тәуелсіздігіміздің тірегі, ақыл-ой – азаттығымыздың алдаспаны.


Overview of upcoming events


About the republican competition of environmental projects “ProEco” for students in grades 5-8

The district education department announces the holding of the district stage

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Sponsorship assistance

of KSU “Uspenskaya Secondary School No. 3” has been repaired and equipped in accordance with the requirements of the aesthetic design, modern design and ergonomics of the school.

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“Tauelsizdik Alany” award

About the awarding of the “Tauelsizdik Alany” prize

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